What is the Gin Tribe?

Our community of gin lovers, who receive a box of deliciousness including handcrafted gins (made with love by Kate), Fever-tree mixers and so much more. You'll also get access to The Gin Tribe Facebook group where together we share all things gin. All for £25 a month (including post and packing).


What's included?

Each month you will receive:

  • x2 50ml bottles of handcrafted gin and x2 200ml Fever-tree mixers
  • OR equivalent ingredients for a cocktail
  • Access to the Gin Tribe Facebook group
  • Occasional offers or discount codes
  • Do you love supporting a small business?

    Whilst you can buy gin from anywhere, when you choose ours you know you’re making a real difference to our small business.

  • Would you love to try different gins in different ways without having to buy large, expensive bottles? 

    You're always welcome (and encouraged) to buy a full sized bottle, but sometimes you may want to be able to try first. Or if you want to try lots of things rather than feel like you have to finish one bottle first - this is for you.

  • Do you love a gin cocktail or want some inspiration to have a go at making something different?

    This is a perfect opportunity to do so, without having to pay the price of lots of ingredients at once.

  • Have you ever made a delicious G&T or found the perfect garnish, and want to share?

    You'll be able to tell our fabulous Gin Tribe what you’ve discovered or see what works for other like-minded gin lovers.

  • Do you love the VIP feeling of getting something no-one else has tried yet, or can’t be bought? 

    Sometimes we make gins just because we see a fabulous ingredient or a certain fruit is in season. You’ll get to try it! Same with some of our bespoke gins - whilst we can’t sell them, we can send you a little sneaky taste.

  • Do you enjoy a discount or first chance to buy?

    Our lovely Gin Tribe will have the chance to access special offers from not just us but other local businesses too - maybe even some freebies!


You deserve a treat!

Join our Gin Tribe for a little something to look forward to each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join, but what if I change my mind?

You can cancel your subscription any time you like.

I live locally to The Gin Palace in Andover, can I pick up my box to avoid postage costs?

You absolutely can. We share the building with The Andover Tap and you can pick up your box from there Tuesdays to Sundays 11am – 11pm. We'll drop you a message when it’s ready. Just drop us a line and we can adjust the pricing for you – it’s just £21 if you click and collect!

I hate tonic! Are there any other options?

Of course! We'll send lots of different mixers anyway but to be sure not to get tonic just drop us a message in the notes section when you order. We’ll make sure to always send you alternatives.

I hate gin! Are there any other options?

No - this probably isn’t the Gin Tribe for you we're afraid. But we won’t hold it against you...

What if I don't receive my box or it's damaged during delivery?

Just drop us an email or give us a call. It’s run by a real, actual person so we can sort it out.

Do I have to join The Gin Tribe Facebook group?

Of course not. It’s completely your choice. You can join later or leave whenever you choose.

Things are a bit tight at the moment. Can I join another time?

Absolutely - we completely get it. You can subscribe to the box of deliciousness whenever you choose or when the time is right.

Will the box fit through my letter box?

We're afraid not. Gin bottles, even miniatures are too chunky! The dimensions of the box are: H11cm x W22cm x L30cm

When will I get my box of deliciousness?

Boxes are sent out by 2nd class Royal Mail on the second Wednesday of the month.

If you sign up in the first half of the month you’ll get your box around the second Friday or Saturday of the month. If you sign up on or after the second Wednesday of the month you will get the following month’s box.

I’m a gin lover in New Zealand. Can you send to me?

We're very sorry but we're unable to post any of the deliciousness outside the UK. But do not hesitate to come to England and visit us at The Gin Palace, and we'll stock you up with gin to take home!

Who are you anyway and why should I trust you with my hard earned cash?

Good question! We're Wessex Spirits, or more specifically, we're run by Kate who handcrafts the gin on site at our beautiful Gin Palace in Andover, Hampshire. You can get in touch via email, phone, or in person at the Gin Palace!