How To Drink Hot Cross Bun Gin

How To Drink Hot Cross Bun Gin

Ha! I’m not sure you need too much info about how to drink gin; you have chosen to read a blog about gin so you’re probably already quite clued up! 

But I’d love to tell you a bit about my Hot Cross Bun Gin and why it’s different from the rest. 

Firstly it’s all about me! I make the all the Wessex Spirits’ Gins. Me myself and I. All by hand, with love here at my Gin Palace in Hampshire. I have a bit of help with the bottling and labelling (done by my mother-in-law!) but everything we do here is done because we love this little business. 

Anyway back to the gin. Secondly the Hot Cross Bun Gin is a proper full strength gin infused with the flavours of hot cross buns, but without the sugar (and bread). I use sultanas, fresh orange and lemon zest and some cloves for a warm spiciness. I absolutely love working with cloves, they work so well with gin and the citrus just adds a freshness to the warmth.

Here at The Gin Palace bar we serve the Hot Cross Bun gin with ginger ale (which adds a bit of sweetness), a slice of orange and a sprinkle of cinnamon over the top. Easy. If you’re having guests over and want to impress them even more try this: 

Easter Martini recipe:

50ml Hot Cross Bun Gin

15ml White Vermouth

Squeeze of lemon

Pop into a shaker with some ice – give it a good shake 

Strain into a Martini glass or something equally fabulous

Garnish with lemon zest (just use a potato peeler and peel some of the skin over the glass to get all those lovely lemon oils in your drink)

If you’re feeling super flashy (and brave; maybe try this after an Easter Martini(!))

  • Grab one of your kids small easter eggs when they’re not looking
  • Dip a knife in boiling water
  • Use the hot knife to slice the top off the easter egg
  • Make your Hot Cross Bun Gin and ginger ale inside the easter egg
  • Drink and gobble before anyone notices. YUM.

I popped this gin in a smaller 35cl bottle so it also makes a great gift if you can bare giving it away. A lovely alternative to a posh easter egg for a grown up. 

I’d love to hear your recipes and perfect serves for the Hot Cross Bun Gin too. Just drop me a line.


Happy Sipping

Kate xxx

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